Uber Story

It was a crowded day in Pune and the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was about to get started in few days. But the party fever was going on and was great.

Me and my parents decided to go for shopping that day in a commercial area named Tulsibagh which is the hub of Indian ethnic wear shopping.

The area gave beautiful and antique vibes as it was one of the oldest part of the City constructed years ago with monuments like Shaniwarwada etc.

In short the place is good for shopping and roaming around. So we booked a cab and went there it almost took about more than an hour to reach there. My mom bought many sarees and she also bought a parrot coloured saree for her youngest sister who stayed in another town.

At the end of the day we finished shopping and booked a cab. And went outside the shop to see ‘dahi handi pyramids’ which was fun to experience for the first time.

The cabbie called us and said that it would take some time as most of the areas were blocked. There was too much music and dance which we didn’t expected to see. But it was fun until you want to connect someone in phone.

The booking was cancelled by the driver after few moments. Then we booked another cab, he received the call and said the road is blocked and we have to come at some other point which might take 5-10 min walking. I was walking little faster than my parents so that I could catch the cab. In a hurry I walked a little faster and found the cab but then I realized that I lost my parents as they were walking a bit slow.

I tried calling them but they did not receive may be because of the loud music. I told the Cab driver to wait a little more ,he waited. I tried calling them again but they were not picking.

Then the cab driver and I went to search them for about one hour. It was loud music and my parents called. I was not able to hear them because of the loud music that made me more frustrated and I was about to cry out of anger. That I lost my parents that too while shopping and was not able find them. After some time I got call from my parents again , this time I received then we searched them and found them after half an hour.

The driver uncle helped a lot to find them. I do not remember his name but I do remember his face and how he helped me despite being a complete stranger. That they I learnt an important thing i.e, God is inside those who help us in dire needs. As it was a Saturday and in Hinduism it is said that it is the day of Lord Shani(Saturn), the God of Justice. It is said that he is tall and has dark complexion. Just like the cabbie who helped me that day.

That day I saw God in a person. I would always remember him.

Stranger Things on Internet

Few minutes ago I was just scrolling my Facebook account. After scrolling for few seconds I see advertisement of an online delivery site with multiple products. I never had imagined that these type of products or things actually existed for real:

1] Nail Painter Machine: How much time would you save using this ? 5 seconds , 10 seconds or 15 seconds. Who would have imagined that people from the 21st Century will be applying nail paints with the help of some strange machine. Frankly speaking I would say I am one of the laziest person around the world. But still I won’t go for this. Imagine when you get old and say to your grand kids that you had a nail painting machine. How rediculous one would sound??😒😒😒

2] Artificial Fingers:

Something is really wrong with this world. Artificial fingers🙄🙄🙄??? Why?? Why would I buy some plastic human fingers ? It sounds so creepy 😱 and disgusting at the same time. I would really like to know the purpose of these kind of things. Just wondering, that who makes these type of stuffs and why?????

3] Chicken Feet: I have been eating chicken ever since I was born but the thing I saw today on internet almost made me puke. Packed chicken feets. Never knew that it was a real thing and people eat it.(**no offense)

4] Metal knuckles: Untill and unless someone is a thug. I don’t think people require it. May be for self defence…..yes! But how would someone act so fast in case of a sudden attack. I don’t think the victim will have much time to wear those so called ‘self defence knuckles’.

#say no to violence lol

Will keep you updated if I see more such things again.