Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fungi i.e, an eukaryotic organism. Some mushrooms like Oyester mushrooms and button mushrooms are edible and some are poisonous and toxic in nature like the death cap mushrooms. At our place we call it the ‘Frogs umbrella’.

Edible Mushrooms contains Vitamin B like riboflavin, thiamine,niacin etc along with proteins, fibres, antioxidants and various other compounds which can help our body to boost immunity.

Benefits of eating mushrooms:. 1) According to researchers mushrooms have anti cancer properties. 2) Mushrooms helps improve the cardiovascular health. 3)Blood pressure are in check for people who include mushrooms in their diet. 4) Mushrooms contains Vitamin C which improves the immunity and reduce signs of aging

Mushrooms are widely used in facial serums to boost youthful appearance.

Mushrooms contain Vitamin B-12 which is mostly found in animal products and generally the vegan and vegetarian people can adopt it to fight B-12 deficiency.

**Note: I do not take credibility of the above article. Please consult a doctor before adopting any changes in diet.