The Unknowns Who Fought for Us…..

All my life I have known many names not because I had many friends but because all my friends colonies were named after some or the other individual. I used to think these people were some random politician who had his/her name written in some random public place.

One day I just asked my father why colonies are named after politicians? He said that most of them were not politicians and every independence day our Indian flag is hoisted in a structure Infront of most of the colonies and the revolutionaries name is written there in the structure. He was one of the youngest freedom fighters of India. He was a school teacher and executed at an early age when he revolted against the British.He added “didn’t you ever noticed it?”. Actually it was written in Bengali script and I wasn’t much aware of what was written there and why it was written there and I forgot about all my questions.

One of the matter of concern is that in our History books we just get to know about few of the freedom fighters. I never knew many of them because I was in CBSE board and may be the students in state boards knew better about the state History.

But History is History right, one should be aware of everyone. Else half truth is equal to lie. We as Indians should know who died for us,where they died for us and how they died for us?

Is it true that we got independence through just by the word ‘ahimsa’ or the sweat, blood and tears of thousands who were unnamed and got no credit and not many are aware of them outside of their particular state.

It’s high time to recognise them in our national level exam boards books else a time will come that our future generations will never know who fought for them so they could live freely and independently. As they happily sacrificed for us their everything including their lives.

The Hollow Plane

‘Miri’ in her dream sees that a plane is coming close to balcony of her apartment in 5th floor and running parallel to the building. She all of a sudden gets up and reaches to the balcony.

To her surprise it was the balcony of the previous house she lived not the current one. Having the same orientation as the previous house where she lived few years back.

She could see that there were no glasses on the plane, faded paint and strangely no passenger or a Pilot.

She suddenly observes that there were no people at the entire society. Something attracts her to go towards the Plane. The plane thuds and the rear end opens.

She slowly goes inside the empty plane curiously. The rear and door closes all of a sudden with a long bang. But that did not make Miri scared or frightened but her curiosity increased more.

It was night outside the plane now but inside it glowed like led lights. It was difficult at first for Miri to adjust but finally she’s able to see through it. Two distorted shadows coming near her.

Just at a glance her mind was able to connect with them. She could see the past not only hers but everyones related to her. She could understand everything. Every single language in this planet. The language of animals and insects and language from the other Universe too.She says “I know you but we haven’t met before. Did we??”

“Yes! We have met before when you were just born. Our space ship accidentally landed nearby the Hospital where you and some more kids were born. The changes in the electromagnetic Field made you guys special in every sense but for the world nothing happened. It was just a simple lightening just like now for others expect the kids who were born at our previous arrival. We are trying to make contact with others too. Since you are at a very close distance from us you can utilize those powers” says the first shadow.

We need to you to make a decision. A really tough one? Before that you have to trust us that we aren’t wrong? Says the other one.

“Your Brain is fully activated now. We need you to know the actual past. And the thinking of the powerful people who shaped the future in every universe. Once we know that we will be able to re -write the History again with authentic and real details. Because you will be there to see and observe each minute details in a short span of time. Were the Heroes people who consider really did those heroic things or its just a narrative of the greedy politics to glorify them. ” Says the first Shadow .

“It’s your final call ‘Miri’. Either you have choose the present to leave the past or the past to correctly reshape our future. And we will always be with you every time you gather information so that your Brain works effectively” one of the Shadow tells her.

“I will go with you to rewrite and reverify our History” says Miri.

The plane then converts into a “Space ship” and goes for multiple time travels.