I don’t know what to say…..

Just because someone is non vegetarian and condemning the act of Elephant brutality which happened few days back does not mean the non vegetarian people are hypocrites and showing off.Many people are posting these things that non vegetarian people should not speak about animal brutality. Why??? I am a non vegetarian but I have never harmed animals other than my food. And to be specific only mosquitoes and cockroaches died because of me coz they are a threat. Eating non vegetarian is an ethical issue and would require discussions on how the animals are treated before it gets killed and how much pain it feels. I know I am wrong while eating non vegetarian food because many of our homes we are practiced to it from thousands of years. You just can’t quit in a single day. And eating non vegetarian food does not mean you can’t have empathy for an elephant,tiger,lion etc who are killed because of their tusks, nails etc. Eating non veg is not a crime. If government passes an order for banning non veg food I would have no issue. But some of the lovely vegetarians who are demeaning non vegetarians for eating non veg and blaming us for having selective outrage or saying that we are hypocrites.

I do have some questions which are as follows: (1) If vegetarians are so pure and pious why do pest control at your houses, if the condition is all lives matter? (2) While growing agriculture such large acres of lands are cut down which were also the habitat of wild animals. (3) Don’t even eat vegetables which were sprayed with pesticides.As many of the insects were killed. (4) And most importantly don’t even have milk coz it contains Red Blood Cells of the cow…. because the calf is separated soon after the birth from the mother. Not in village areas but industrial areas. And most of the cows live in horrible conditions just because we want milk from them. (5) And the 2-3 Bhk homes where most of us live was once a forest area. So, no animals were harmed then.

Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fungi i.e, an eukaryotic organism. Some mushrooms like Oyester mushrooms and button mushrooms are edible and some are poisonous and toxic in nature like the death cap mushrooms. At our place we call it the ‘Frogs umbrella’.

Edible Mushrooms contains Vitamin B like riboflavin, thiamine,niacin etc along with proteins, fibres, antioxidants and various other compounds which can help our body to boost immunity.

Benefits of eating mushrooms:. 1) According to researchers mushrooms have anti cancer properties. 2) Mushrooms helps improve the cardiovascular health. 3)Blood pressure are in check for people who include mushrooms in their diet. 4) Mushrooms contains Vitamin C which improves the immunity and reduce signs of aging

Mushrooms are widely used in facial serums to boost youthful appearance.

Mushrooms contain Vitamin B-12 which is mostly found in animal products and generally the vegan and vegetarian people can adopt it to fight B-12 deficiency.

**Note: I do not take credibility of the above article. Please consult a doctor before adopting any changes in diet.

Spinach- The Super Food

“Popeye the sailor man” animated cartoon series helped a lot in the increased consumption of Spinach.As it was very difficult for the younger children to eat due to the not so great taste of Spinach. The character of Popeye eats a can full of ‘Green spinach’ and gives a good fight to the villian. Which made children lean towards the not so great tasting food.

For me personally it tasted great. ‘Palak Paneer’ and ‘Palak Chicken’ are my favourite spinach recepies.

Adding ginger, garlic and tomatoes makes it taste better

Spinach contains many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, vitamin C, Iron, potasium, magnesium and calcium.

Spinach have great benefit for skin, hair and bone health. It increases immunity. As it helps in diabetic management, lowers blood pressure etc.

High amounts of antioxidants prevents ageing and dull skin.

Palak paneer recepie:

The ingredients required are as follows- 1) Washed spinach 2) Tomato -1 chopped 3) Ginger garlic paste – 1 tablespoon 4) Onion-1 chopped 5)Blocks of tofu/ paneer 6)1-2 chilli 7) Turmeric powder- 1 tablespoon 8) garam masala, salt- As per taste Procedure: Step1- Boil the spinach leaves and let it cool down and then make a paste using mixer grinder. Step2- Heat Oil in a pan and then add Ginger garlic paste, onions, tomatoes and chillies. Step3- Add salt , Turmeric and Garam masala and cook for 2-3 minutes till the tomatoes have melted Step 4- Add the spinach paste and blocks of paneer and cook for 15 minutes. Step 5- Serve hot with rice or chapati

Since many people are going vegetarian or vegan now a days it’s important to have some good vegetarian recipes. And an additional food for non vegetarians which can be added to their diet.

Roseacia- How Ayurveda helped me fight it!!

What is Roseacia?

Severe acne like structures including painful cyst and puss all over the facial area like cheek, forehead and chin and sometimes also neck and chest area could be defined as Roseacia. There is high amount of redness in impacted area along with inflammation.

It generally impacts people with fair complexion and the mostly impacted age group is 30 plus. But I got Roseacia when I was just 21 during my college days. It was a real struggle.

When I was 18 , I stayed with my parents. And I had a pretty good skin as I belong from a Bengali family we had lots of fishes frequently in a week along with tomato salad. I did have few bumps then but overall it was fine.

Then I left for coaching in Rajasthan for a year. The vegetarian food provided in the mess was kind of ok. But all of a sudden it made me lose 10 kgs. And my skin kind of detoriated a little.

When I joined college in Bangalore almost after a year I could see severe red bumps on my face. At first I just considered it as simple acne but it got severe after few months. The red patches were very painful to touch and few cysts were also there which were hard and painful too due to the puss inside it.

It was really irritating to hear what happened to your face and all that shit was kind of annoying.

After that my sister took me to the dermatologist and almost a bill of 6-7 thousand rupees was billed for a single consultation along with medicine. The doctor prescribed chemical peel at first or laser but my sister got nervous about that as we were not much aware regarding that.

Again months passed by and there was no such improvement and my skin condition was getting worse. Then my brother in law told me that I should go for an Ayurvedic treatment.

Basically Ayurveda is an ancient Indian treatment which uses medicinal herbs for various ailments.

I went to a Patanjali Ayurvedic Clinic in Bangalore. Where there was a female doctor. She told me to quit foods such as burger , pizza and other spicy food. Burger and pizza was not that difficult to quit as I stayed in hostel and it wasn’t so easy to go for junk food frequently as I stayed a bit far from the city area. And our hostel had spicy food cooked everyday. So I always had to go for simple pulses along with rice and lemon. Avoiding all the good looking spicy meals.

She also gave me a lot of medicine and some were in powdered form which I had to mix with honey and take daily twice. And a face pack which smelled really bad to me along with my roommates. It was really frustrating and tiring to do so many rituals a day but when I looked at the mirror I got more determined not skipping a days treatment.

At first there were no changes. So I revisited her again then she told me that I should shampoo my hair regularly 3 times a week. And also changed some medicine. I also left milk products and sometimes I rarely had curd during meals.After that 6 months passed by and my skin repaired a lot. I could see the changes along with my other friends. The rocasea was almost gone. But the scars remained. I mean not the black spots but the depression created by the cyst.

Slight pigmented sunscreen used. As you can see no signs of rosacea now.

At last I was releaved from one of greatest struggle of my life. And also saved a lot of money as Ayurvedic medicines are less costly.

Note: Do not take any medicine without consulting a registered doctor. I have just shared my experiences. It might not act the same for others.

Food Prawns…..

This lockdown I missed eating the free barbecue Prawns from the office parties in particular. Adding few images which might act as an eye candyπŸ˜‹πŸ˜›πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰πŸ€€πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦ nom nom nom nom nom to infinity and beyond!!!!!

Absolute Barbecue Pune
Prawns with squid rings- IπŸ’“Amsterdam, Pune
And this is my laziness to cook- Location Deep Freezer
And you too darling fish filletsπŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

I guess you guys also miss free office parties like me.

Parasitic Migration- Red Alert for Farmers

Desert Locusts have moved from the “Horn of Africa” after destroying the crops of Poor countries like Somalia they reached to the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia,Yemen. Then moved to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.Finally they have moved to India in Rajasthan via Pakistan.

United Nations- Food and Agriculture Organisation department (FAO) warns India and Pakistan for Twin Invasion of Desert Locusts.

Desert Locusts have the following traits:

1. They can fly also 150 km per day. 2. They almost eat food equal to their own weight. 3. Change behaviour easily (greagarize). 4.Single swam almost consists of 250 billion locusts. 5. Life Span- 10 weeks approx. 6. Higher rate of Reproduction. 7. Very difficult to kill

How can the Desert Locusts be stopped to cause Agricultural damages?

According to the Agricultural ministries under Government of India , they can be stopped by spraying chemicals like Organophosphates by using Drones, Sprinkler etc while they halt at their journey for reproduction.

**Countries dependent on Agriculture will be impacted a lot. As the Desert Locusts eat the crops which could feed thousands of people in a single day. And that could lead to severe Food Shortage at the area attacked.

The main reason for the sudden rise in population of the Locust swarm is said to be the climate change. As the gulf regions and the Horn of Africa which is somewhat a desert area are experiencing cyclones which leads to humidity. Which supports the high increase in population of Locusts compared to the previous years.

3 Monkeys…..πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š!!

Hi!! My name is “Gamma”. We are three brothers named “Alpha”, “Beta” and “Gamma”. We were free willed and happy during our childhood days in Africa.

It is often said that happiness does not last long. Our parents died , basically killed by the militants in Mozambique.

We had to run away to save our lives. Finally we joined a refugee camp in nearby area which had protection from the millitans. It was surrounded by Army. They gave us food to eat and there were many like us who hadn’t eaten. We made friends with them with good bonding. We shared our old memories all night about escaping the horrible situation.

One fine day we were adopted by a rich man from Kenya whose wife recently died out of illness. He seemed like a nice man.

We were officially his Sons and he became our father without any blood relation. We were always told that blood relation is the strongest relation. But the friends we made who were like our brothers and would stand up for us any given day. The father who adopted us without worrying that we had no genetic relation with him.

Our life in Kenya was very peaceful. He took care good care of us with good education,food , clothing and a house to live.

When we were at out teenage our father would teach each of us a life lesson which he said he learnt from a great man abroad.

For “Alpha” it was “Do not see anything bad!!”.

For “Beta” it was “Do not listen anything bad!!”

And finally for me “It was don’t say anything bad!!”. We obeyed all his teachings without questioning him as he was the very same person who saved us and gave us everything a child would desire and also lead us to a successful future.

Few years passed by and it was time for us to apply his teachings in real life. One day I saw a person beaten by a mob for some reason. As I was thought don’t say anything wrong I wasn’t able to identify which side should be taken by me. I mean the person who was beaten badly could have committed some crime or the people hitting him badly were the wrong ones?? So I kept quiet and left that place without taking any side.

The very same day “Alpha” went to buy some groceries. He sees a person trafficking young girls and boys for slavery. It’s a bad thing right?? Alpha walks away pretending he did not saw anything.

Lastly it was Beta’s turn. A shopkeeper shouting at his domestic help for being five minutes late. Calling him obsence names and everything to break him down. So this too is a bad thing?? So Beta escapes from there as fast as possible.

That night there was an awkward silence between all of us. We shared all our thoughts that we did not stand up for the right just because of our fake ideals.

Next day we discussed with our father our observations. He said It was my duty to teach you all something valuable. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your consciousness into consideration. Different situations require different actions. I am happy that you all have learnt the lesson by yourselves!!”


Heart sized of a peanut, three fingers at each hands just like a miniature Barbie doll. My first glance was enough for her to fall in love with me when she saw me online.

“Hi! My Name is Motu and I am a dark Brown Syrian Hamster”. Wonder why I am called that….I have never been to Syria. But it seems like a nice place with trees, tunnels and food.

My owner “Ajil” had me transferred to his friend in a small box with windows living nearby her place. After sometime she came and took me.

Leaving my old friends was difficult for me. As I have never seen the outside world. This was the first time I had seen what the world looks from outside. Seeing giants shouting “peep peep” at each other, the first thing came to my mind was ” Ham- shit” this sucks man. I just wanted to go home.

Once I was taken by her, she tried to keep me inside a cage with a couple . An albino lady with red eyes and her blonde husband. Man he got agitated by seeing me, we had a though fight not nothing. Why would I hit on his wifey who looked furious and angry as hell always in attacking mode that too with Red eyes.

As I was fluffier and cuter than the other two she and her friends named me “Motu” meaning “fluffy or fat”. Next day I was shifted to another cage. Thank goodness πŸ™ no more fights. Her other friends Purvi, Prathama and Reema loved me a lot. Especially Reema kept on holding me.

You see I am a pure vegan. So I do have a lot of attitude πŸ˜‚. My day starts with carrots then corriander leaves and ends with broccoli. See it’s “Not slimy but satisfying” against the rule of Timon – the Meerkat.

One day the lady in white was about to have babies so her husband “Golu” was transferred kept with me. Her kids didn’t make it. Felt sorry for her. After few days he was was shifted again with her.

One day I got a huge gift. It was a new house bigger than the previous one with slides and a bigger wheel. I was the king , it had everything big like me.

Few months passed by and I got old. Maybe my day was near to go somewhere dark a place more darker than the tunnels our ancestors made to same us from predators. Next morning I was still and not moving at all , I heard my human friend say to her other friend “I don’t see him moving, he seems to breathe but is isn’t moving… That’s unlikely of him!!”. The other friend says we shall take him to a vetenary doctor. After some time we visit her friend place. They felt sad too looking at me.

After a while I was taken to the vet. He said “a hamster”. He gave me something to drink, I wasn’t in the condition to drink. Then he inserted a sword inside me. Lastly a shock….he gave me like in movies. I jumped at once at moved actively. Finally “A Ray of Hope” at everyone’s eye I could see. The doctor fella said I will be fine. Take him after sometime, I will take care of him.

My Friend came after sometime to take me with her. I was playing well. And others were happy too.

I had a good one week with her and others. I remember hiding all my food inside the sofa and under the fridge and the work they had to do keep it back inside.

This time after a week I left for good. I had my last heartbeat. My soul was out of my old , cute and fluffy body. I was still at home and I could see others getting sad.

I was burried in a garden with flowers specifically dandelions with the HOPE of getting a better afterlife.