Superpowers-Reading Minds

We have all watched super hero movies and all of us wanted to have some power at some point of time.

One of the super power which most of us wanted was to read minds of people. So what would a person gain if he/she is able to read others. Is it worth knowing what others are thinking. What are the pros and what are the cons?? Is it really possible to know what others are thinking?

Science has advanced so much that there are things like lie detector test which are mostly used on criminals so they can spell out the truth.

But what would happen if we come to know each and every person we meet what they are thinking?? Seems like a great deal. It is said that the monks who are meditating and reached a certain level of consciousness can read anyone’s mind and remain unaffected by what others think of them.

If we come to know that someone is having bad intent for us we could easily ignore that person and be friends with people who actually care for us.

But we are human beings right!! So each one of us will be having negative thoughts and secrets which we don’t want to share with anyone. Suppose a person gets a super power to read anybody’s mind without them knowing. Then that might end up being alone because no one in this world is perfect even the sweetest of sweetest people have some thoughts which are really ugly and disturbing. It would be very difficult to handle things if someone has a weak heart and mind.

What if someone is having some kind of fetish which is disturbing to the other person who can read minds. If a person who can read minds is in love with someone and wants to read the other person, and come to know all they have is bad feelings for you and things you never imagined and never wanted to be true.

What if a person who can read minds gets surrounded by multiple people?? Would he/she will be able to differentiate between own thoughts and the other thoughts which gets mingled with the mind

Reading minds of enemies are a better option that you would be able to plan and take proper action against your opponent as one would not expect much from them. But once you know what your loved ones think then either it would be a gain for a lifetime or pain for a lifetime.

Last but not the least: Mind reading is a bad super power unless used on an enemy nation or personal enemies.

Rumors or Reality

If you have stayed in Hostel once in your lifetime I am sure there will be a particular room having some or the other conspiracy theory.

The specific hostel wing was separated from the other three so that the seniors won’t get much previlage to rag the juniors.

Having a haunted room is not an issue. A common washroom is an issue. Which you have to pass that rumoured haunted room when you have the urge to pee at 2am night. Waking up you roommate at midnight and wait for you untill your work is over.

The room was always closed and never opened. It had a picture of “Lord Hanuman” outside the door. It was often said that some girl committed suicide there and after that whomsoever came to stay at that room experienced something bad happening to their loved ones. There were two girls who shifted after the case. One had their relatives accident and for the other girl she fell ill badly.

There was one more case in another hostel where a girl felt earthquake tremors in her room and felt her bed moving. And she ran and knocked the door of her other friend out of fear and shivering.

So the main question are?

Are they real or its just our consious and subconscious mind playing with us?? Sometimes when you switch off the light and see your mind playing tricks with you. You actually know that there is nothing to be scared but sometimes the noises can make you restless. For example if your rooms fan is in full speed and there is some poly bag hitting the wall.

I remember watching ‘Aahat’ during my childhood days and ‘Fear Files’ during my college days in a common room.

I almost watched almost every episodes of Aahat. And I remember the single episode I left at the cliffhanger it was a story of two sisters where one of them dies during childbirth and how she helps her other sister from being bullied. But never saw how it ended. But I am still curious to know how it ended.

Listen to Ghost stories was fun too. One of my friends during childhood would tell us fun Ghost stories and I was like really, that’s so cool.

During my college days I watched a movie named 1920, it wasn’t scary by the definition of others and more of a comedy but that particular day I had to join bed with my roommate as I was really scared. As the noise of the birthday decoration hitting the wall was annoying me. I didn’t realized what it was until the next day.

Somewhere in our deep subconscious it is already imprinted that if there is “God” which is a positive energy there would be negative too in the form of “Evil” spirits.

Many a times when we switch off the light there are imaginations that someone might be staring at us or something might crawl out of your bed. Especially after watching a horror movie.I guess many of us have been there at least for once in a lifetime or is it just few people who picturize too much??

Roseacia- How Ayurveda helped me fight it!!

What is Roseacia?

Severe acne like structures including painful cyst and puss all over the facial area like cheek, forehead and chin and sometimes also neck and chest area could be defined as Roseacia. There is high amount of redness in impacted area along with inflammation.

It generally impacts people with fair complexion and the mostly impacted age group is 30 plus. But I got Roseacia when I was just 21 during my college days. It was a real struggle.

When I was 18 , I stayed with my parents. And I had a pretty good skin as I belong from a Bengali family we had lots of fishes frequently in a week along with tomato salad. I did have few bumps then but overall it was fine.

Then I left for coaching in Rajasthan for a year. The vegetarian food provided in the mess was kind of ok. But all of a sudden it made me lose 10 kgs. And my skin kind of detoriated a little.

When I joined college in Bangalore almost after a year I could see severe red bumps on my face. At first I just considered it as simple acne but it got severe after few months. The red patches were very painful to touch and few cysts were also there which were hard and painful too due to the puss inside it.

It was really irritating to hear what happened to your face and all that shit was kind of annoying.

After that my sister took me to the dermatologist and almost a bill of 6-7 thousand rupees was billed for a single consultation along with medicine. The doctor prescribed chemical peel at first or laser but my sister got nervous about that as we were not much aware regarding that.

Again months passed by and there was no such improvement and my skin condition was getting worse. Then my brother in law told me that I should go for an Ayurvedic treatment.

Basically Ayurveda is an ancient Indian treatment which uses medicinal herbs for various ailments.

I went to a Patanjali Ayurvedic Clinic in Bangalore. Where there was a female doctor. She told me to quit foods such as burger , pizza and other spicy food. Burger and pizza was not that difficult to quit as I stayed in hostel and it wasn’t so easy to go for junk food frequently as I stayed a bit far from the city area. And our hostel had spicy food cooked everyday. So I always had to go for simple pulses along with rice and lemon. Avoiding all the good looking spicy meals.

She also gave me a lot of medicine and some were in powdered form which I had to mix with honey and take daily twice. And a face pack which smelled really bad to me along with my roommates. It was really frustrating and tiring to do so many rituals a day but when I looked at the mirror I got more determined not skipping a days treatment.

At first there were no changes. So I revisited her again then she told me that I should shampoo my hair regularly 3 times a week. And also changed some medicine. I also left milk products and sometimes I rarely had curd during meals.After that 6 months passed by and my skin repaired a lot. I could see the changes along with my other friends. The rocasea was almost gone. But the scars remained. I mean not the black spots but the depression created by the cyst.

Slight pigmented sunscreen used. As you can see no signs of rosacea now.

At last I was releaved from one of greatest struggle of my life. And also saved a lot of money as Ayurvedic medicines are less costly.

Note: Do not take any medicine without consulting a registered doctor. I have just shared my experiences. It might not act the same for others.

Little Snail…🐌🐌

I saw my aunt hurting you……

I saw my aunt breaking you…..

I saw my aunt crushing you for being you…..

I saw my aunt breaking your shell to protect a leaf πŸ’”

I saw my aunt pouring salt on you so you could die……

I wished I could have helped you little being……

I wished that you weren’t a Snail….

Dark Little girl….

I saw a dream yesterday night…. I saw a man with nice clothes….. A good looking man……………. With his face was damaged and stiched…. I think I knew him somewhere sometime but I don’t remember…… I saw him crying… Crying for help…. Crying for forgiveness….. A Well built man full with helplessness surrounding him….. I smiled and happily left the dream…..

Creepy crawlies….. phobia!!

Creepy crawlies go away , little girl wants to play




What are these heavy duty words? The answer to that all of them have the same meaning…..fear…..fear of what? Fear of worms…..thier very sight is enough to give you goosebumps and anxiety.

Anxiety while seeing little harmless crawling creatures like worms, centipedes etc. I always have fear that worms might crawl on me whenever I go to the garden. Once I see any caterpillar nearby I am out of that place at that moment.

I always wondered why some people were scared of Cockroaches and lizards……they are angels compared to worm like creatures. If some gives me 5000 bucks and tell me to handle a caterpillar I would give the same person 6000 bucks more to take it away.

My Dear caterpillar, Why don’t you directly transform into a beautiful butterfly instead of eating everything around then meditating out of guilt inside a coccon and then achieve “moksha” and fly away with your beautiful wings. Being vegetarian you guys should look like hamsters cute and fluffy and not cute and scary at the same time. And some of you with spikes makes you scarier than your smoother brothers.

It’s just like a human baby transforming into an elephant then eating everything green available after getting tired of so much work he goes for hybernation and eventually when the time is right transform into a pixie.

I don’t have any personal grudges with you all but you make me nervous whenever I am buy to buy a cauliflower 😬 or broccoli. And then find you inside my food….while cleaning.

I would like to add one more being to this list. The almighty “Train insect” with hundreds of legs centipedes aka “kankhajura”. I have heard stories about you getting into people’s brain traveling via ears and laying eggs. Coz of your looks I named you train insect when I was a child.

**Note: Nature is beautiful, nourishing and scary at the same time. All the creatures play an important role in balancing mother earth. Things stated above are my childhood perspective.

With time the fear was gone although I do creep out sometime when I see them.