Food and Ethics- “Everyone has the right to live, die with dignity “

Veganism, vegetarianism and non vegetarians are in constant conflict with each other. People mocking each other at lunch table is common nowadays 😉. Everyone is there for you to justify why their food habits are best. As I ate chicken almost frequently few of my vegetarian friends were constantly explaining to me why being non vegetarian is cruel to the animals although when I gave a thought about it they were true as being caged can be very sad for the animals. We don’t know what they are going through…..

I never ate Cow due to my religious beliefs but I did mistakenly eaten pork dumpling once by mistakenly and to be frank it was one the tastiest meat I had eaten. But when I came to know that it wasn’t chicken but pork….I was full of guilt and remorse for 2-3 days because of my religious beliefs and nothing else. Being from a Bengali,Hindu family fish and chicken was very common in my diet. I tried being vegetarian many times but failed miserably… it is not easy to quit any food which we are used to.So now I have just reduced the intake of non veg food and my parents left meat and fish long back when he was diagnosed with minor cancer.

I don’t know about other countries but the way pigs are slaughtered in some parts of India is very inhumane and cruel. Hit them bad and insert rod from mouth to anal cavity. I don’t think anyone would to die such a gruesome death.

I am not against any domisticated food habit. But we do need to re evaluate the method of killing Right r farm animals so that they feel the least amount of pain and people eating them have less guilt.

According to me animals should not be kept in captivity like in cages….open farms should be promoted….and at the end have a less painful death before being served at anyone’s plate.

“Everyone has the right to live, die with dignity: Chief Justice of India”

Karma is a Bitch…

Few years back I was traveling with my flat mate for shopping …she was riding the scooty. It was a Sunday so the area was entirely empty. Suddenly we realized that two guys were following us and shouting and screaming in their local language.

My flat mate being a local understood that they were Eve teasing us and following us . So she increased the speed of the bike then these people also increased their speed and said something to us and took right turn.

The moment they turned their bike…..both the goons fell from their bike and had a severe accident. They deserved it 😁. What we sow is what we reap.

At that day my concept of karma got more stronger. No matter what happens God will help was and whoever did wrong to an innocent soul shall get the punishment.

This is one of the incidents which made me a strong believer in Karma.

Mobile games for passing time during Lockdown

The Covid19 has impacted a lot in our lives. Socializing has become very difficult as we will not be able to meet our friends soon. So here are some of the games which any group of friends can play while speaking through discord or WhatsApp.

1. Ludo king/ Star: Ludo has been one of the most popular games during lockdown season. Friends and family can enjoy a lot as they can laugh, enjoy and have a good time.

2. Chess:For all the intelligent and brainy public online chess could be a great option.

3.PubG/Call of Duty: For those who want to group up and kick some asses in new Miramar mode.

4. Plato : Yet another app where one can play online Ludo and Uno with upto 6 players.

5. Gartic: Online pictionary could be fun too. Approximately more than 20 members can join at the same time.

6. House Party: Yet another app to play guessing games like pictionary etc being on video call.

Why does Bollywood not create contents from our Mythology/ History??

I always wondered why can’t Mahabharat be made in a grand scale like bahubali…… Mahabharat has everything a great storyline requires.

Each and every character has a unique story. Everyone has a grey shade. The negative also has some good qualities and the positive also has some bad qualities in Mahabharat.

As a Hindu, long back our family used to watch a serial named as “Om Namah Shivay” . One of the episode was about the demon “Raktabeej” meaning Blood seed. Goddess Kali slayed the demon which spilled his blood creating a clone of the demon. At last she had to drink his blood.

And there are thousands of folk lore in each and every part of India but since the Hindi movie industry only wants us to see same shitty romantic contents every single time there’s not much hope for that.

As an audience I do not aspire to watch love stories as there are loads of it already present….. although I loved a new series named as “Asur” and few more. Since it had an element of the mythology as the antagonist considered himself as an reincarnation of a demon which made the series super cool. I guess the Indian audience will be able to see some more good content like that.