House Near A Graveyard

I saw a dream when I was in third standard. I woke up in my dream and went to the dinning hall to fetch a glass of water. What I see is ghosts. I mean 2-3 were there with long messy hairs, red eyes and grey skin some sort of Ghosts in a B-Grade movie. I got really scared and woke up at that instant. It’s been almost 18 years but I remember every specific details.

After sometime my father got transferred from Itangar (Arunachal Pradesh) to Shillong (Meghalaya), India. As he was promoted for his work. Our whole family shifted to Shillong after few days.

My mother’s sister arranged a rented house for us as the government quaters were not very much upto the mark to stay. It was a good beautiful house. But the strange thing was that there was a graveyard near the gate of our house. It was on the other side of the road in a slightly hilly area with stairs going upwards and there was separation. At the left the graveyard was for Muslims, at the right it was for Christians and behind that there was a cremation section for Hindus.

From our balcony,the Church was visible named after St. Jones. I remember the bells at 6 am at the morning. And nearby there was a mosque and a shiv temple. Although those were not visible from our home but was at a walkable distance.

Picture taken from our balcony

I remember how my cousin’s made me scared πŸ˜‚. They were like ” now you stay nearby a graveyard and from the ‘peepholes’ of your door the graves of father and son was visible.(I do not remember their names now but I just remember that both their names started from ‘I’ ) and when you will open the tap there will be blood instead of water and all that bullshit” . To be frank I was a little scared but I shared room with my sister so it wasn’t much scary later.

One of the bathroom door latch from the outside was little losse and there was high intensity air blowing almost every day. As the area was full of ‘Pine’ trees you would hear the specific sound made by wind similar to a haunted movie and the door would start banging as it was loose. As a child it was little scary at first but I got used to it without much problem.

I more thing, there was a photograph of a model with boy cut hairs I guess it was one of free posters given with Garnier colour. My sister many times told me that the girl will come out of the poster. One fine day I was like remove the poster else I won’t take bath. And I cried about 4-5 minutes. My sister removed the picture thenπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Apart from that there was no fear for any of us or our neighbors living at that locality. It was just a mindgame played by movies and serials to scare us. Or one more thing could be as there was Gods house nearby we never got scared. Kids used to play cricket at that particular location almost every day after college or school time. And frankly speaking it was one of the most beautiful location I have ever stayed.

Rumors or Reality

If you have stayed in Hostel once in your lifetime I am sure there will be a particular room having some or the other conspiracy theory.

The specific hostel wing was separated from the other three so that the seniors won’t get much previlage to rag the juniors.

Having a haunted room is not an issue. A common washroom is an issue. Which you have to pass that rumoured haunted room when you have the urge to pee at 2am night. Waking up you roommate at midnight and wait for you untill your work is over.

The room was always closed and never opened. It had a picture of “Lord Hanuman” outside the door. It was often said that some girl committed suicide there and after that whomsoever came to stay at that room experienced something bad happening to their loved ones. There were two girls who shifted after the case. One had their relatives accident and for the other girl she fell ill badly.

There was one more case in another hostel where a girl felt earthquake tremors in her room and felt her bed moving. And she ran and knocked the door of her other friend out of fear and shivering.

So the main question are?

Are they real or its just our consious and subconscious mind playing with us?? Sometimes when you switch off the light and see your mind playing tricks with you. You actually know that there is nothing to be scared but sometimes the noises can make you restless. For example if your rooms fan is in full speed and there is some poly bag hitting the wall.

I remember watching ‘Aahat’ during my childhood days and ‘Fear Files’ during my college days in a common room.

I almost watched almost every episodes of Aahat. And I remember the single episode I left at the cliffhanger it was a story of two sisters where one of them dies during childbirth and how she helps her other sister from being bullied. But never saw how it ended. But I am still curious to know how it ended.

Listen to Ghost stories was fun too. One of my friends during childhood would tell us fun Ghost stories and I was like really, that’s so cool.

During my college days I watched a movie named 1920, it wasn’t scary by the definition of others and more of a comedy but that particular day I had to join bed with my roommate as I was really scared. As the noise of the birthday decoration hitting the wall was annoying me. I didn’t realized what it was until the next day.

Somewhere in our deep subconscious it is already imprinted that if there is “God” which is a positive energy there would be negative too in the form of “Evil” spirits.

Many a times when we switch off the light there are imaginations that someone might be staring at us or something might crawl out of your bed. Especially after watching a horror movie.I guess many of us have been there at least for once in a lifetime or is it just few people who picturize too much??

Letter from Grandfather

Tomorrow is my nephew’s 3rd birthday on 29th of May’2020. So my father wrote a poem for him. He might not be able to understand these things now but after a few years it is going to be a valuable lesson. Which is as follows:

Welcome to the twenty ninth day of May.

It’s our lovely Ishaans birthday. O Ishaan, wishing a happy healthy long life we say. Be merry, sing, read, write and play. Listen and learn the good teachings, Read Land’s stories and find out how rich was our past glory.

Love the Nature,Protect Forest and Inhabitants. Keep earth charming, plant trees and make it pollution free.

When you will be young, we will see you busy with study all day and night to make the career bright.

Achieve both knowledge and skill, even learn more if you so feel.

Draw,plan for future assessing present and past, feasible and longing last.

Be wise, polite, smart and strong. Do not keep place for any wrong.

Work hard with dedication, and often make fun. Bloom and rise in life like a rising sun. As you are loving to your Mummy,Papa ,sister and all. Help the distressed at their call.

May it be your mission to serve the people and the nation with style of Honesty and fashion.

Ishaan is the name of Lord Shiva and Darsh is the name of Lord Krishna Bashudev. So I pray for all the good virtue you should have

Trust the creator who controlls the Universe and regulates the life theatre.

May God shower his blessings if you face any odds or evils you will fight them with smile and that will be your style.

Be happy, healthy, wealthy,worthy and always fit and fine, It is our player to God of mine.

We call you Darsh and Ishaan, wish to see you with the name and fame in your flying Nissan.

We pray and wish in the next BE GREAT and BRAVE, SMART and TRUTHFUL. BE HONEST and THE BEST.

Grand Ma and Grand Pa sing this song with lots of love and blessings.

Happy Birthday to Ishaan”

Written by Dadu Bai (Grand Pa) πŸ’š , Nishi Kant

God bless πŸ˜‡

Spinach- The Super Food

“Popeye the sailor man” animated cartoon series helped a lot in the increased consumption of Spinach.As it was very difficult for the younger children to eat due to the not so great taste of Spinach. The character of Popeye eats a can full of ‘Green spinach’ and gives a good fight to the villian. Which made children lean towards the not so great tasting food.

For me personally it tasted great. ‘Palak Paneer’ and ‘Palak Chicken’ are my favourite spinach recepies.

Adding ginger, garlic and tomatoes makes it taste better

Spinach contains many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, vitamin C, Iron, potasium, magnesium and calcium.

Spinach have great benefit for skin, hair and bone health. It increases immunity. As it helps in diabetic management, lowers blood pressure etc.

High amounts of antioxidants prevents ageing and dull skin.

Palak paneer recepie:

The ingredients required are as follows- 1) Washed spinach 2) Tomato -1 chopped 3) Ginger garlic paste – 1 tablespoon 4) Onion-1 chopped 5)Blocks of tofu/ paneer 6)1-2 chilli 7) Turmeric powder- 1 tablespoon 8) garam masala, salt- As per taste Procedure: Step1- Boil the spinach leaves and let it cool down and then make a paste using mixer grinder. Step2- Heat Oil in a pan and then add Ginger garlic paste, onions, tomatoes and chillies. Step3- Add salt , Turmeric and Garam masala and cook for 2-3 minutes till the tomatoes have melted Step 4- Add the spinach paste and blocks of paneer and cook for 15 minutes. Step 5- Serve hot with rice or chapati

Since many people are going vegetarian or vegan now a days it’s important to have some good vegetarian recipes. And an additional food for non vegetarians which can be added to their diet.

Roseacia- How Ayurveda helped me fight it!!

What is Roseacia?

Severe acne like structures including painful cyst and puss all over the facial area like cheek, forehead and chin and sometimes also neck and chest area could be defined as Roseacia. There is high amount of redness in impacted area along with inflammation.

It generally impacts people with fair complexion and the mostly impacted age group is 30 plus. But I got Roseacia when I was just 21 during my college days. It was a real struggle.

When I was 18 , I stayed with my parents. And I had a pretty good skin as I belong from a Bengali family we had lots of fishes frequently in a week along with tomato salad. I did have few bumps then but overall it was fine.

Then I left for coaching in Rajasthan for a year. The vegetarian food provided in the mess was kind of ok. But all of a sudden it made me lose 10 kgs. And my skin kind of detoriated a little.

When I joined college in Bangalore almost after a year I could see severe red bumps on my face. At first I just considered it as simple acne but it got severe after few months. The red patches were very painful to touch and few cysts were also there which were hard and painful too due to the puss inside it.

It was really irritating to hear what happened to your face and all that shit was kind of annoying.

After that my sister took me to the dermatologist and almost a bill of 6-7 thousand rupees was billed for a single consultation along with medicine. The doctor prescribed chemical peel at first or laser but my sister got nervous about that as we were not much aware regarding that.

Again months passed by and there was no such improvement and my skin condition was getting worse. Then my brother in law told me that I should go for an Ayurvedic treatment.

Basically Ayurveda is an ancient Indian treatment which uses medicinal herbs for various ailments.

I went to a Patanjali Ayurvedic Clinic in Bangalore. Where there was a female doctor. She told me to quit foods such as burger , pizza and other spicy food. Burger and pizza was not that difficult to quit as I stayed in hostel and it wasn’t so easy to go for junk food frequently as I stayed a bit far from the city area. And our hostel had spicy food cooked everyday. So I always had to go for simple pulses along with rice and lemon. Avoiding all the good looking spicy meals.

She also gave me a lot of medicine and some were in powdered form which I had to mix with honey and take daily twice. And a face pack which smelled really bad to me along with my roommates. It was really frustrating and tiring to do so many rituals a day but when I looked at the mirror I got more determined not skipping a days treatment.

At first there were no changes. So I revisited her again then she told me that I should shampoo my hair regularly 3 times a week. And also changed some medicine. I also left milk products and sometimes I rarely had curd during meals.After that 6 months passed by and my skin repaired a lot. I could see the changes along with my other friends. The rocasea was almost gone. But the scars remained. I mean not the black spots but the depression created by the cyst.

Slight pigmented sunscreen used. As you can see no signs of rosacea now.

At last I was releaved from one of greatest struggle of my life. And also saved a lot of money as Ayurvedic medicines are less costly.

Note: Do not take any medicine without consulting a registered doctor. I have just shared my experiences. It might not act the same for others.

Food Prawns…..

This lockdown I missed eating the free barbecue Prawns from the office parties in particular. Adding few images which might act as an eye candyπŸ˜‹πŸ˜›πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰πŸ€€πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦ nom nom nom nom nom to infinity and beyond!!!!!

Absolute Barbecue Pune
Prawns with squid rings- IπŸ’“Amsterdam, Pune
And this is my laziness to cook- Location Deep Freezer
And you too darling fish filletsπŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

I guess you guys also miss free office parties like me.

The Hollow Plane

‘Miri’ in her dream sees that a plane is coming close to balcony of her apartment in 5th floor and running parallel to the building. She all of a sudden gets up and reaches to the balcony.

To her surprise it was the balcony of the previous house she lived not the current one. Having the same orientation as the previous house where she lived few years back.

She could see that there were no glasses on the plane, faded paint and strangely no passenger or a Pilot.

She suddenly observes that there were no people at the entire society. Something attracts her to go towards the Plane. The plane thuds and the rear end opens.

She slowly goes inside the empty plane curiously. The rear and door closes all of a sudden with a long bang. But that did not make Miri scared or frightened but her curiosity increased more.

It was night outside the plane now but inside it glowed like led lights. It was difficult at first for Miri to adjust but finally she’s able to see through it. Two distorted shadows coming near her.

Just at a glance her mind was able to connect with them. She could see the past not only hers but everyones related to her. She could understand everything. Every single language in this planet. The language of animals and insects and language from the other Universe too.She says “I know you but we haven’t met before. Did we??”

“Yes! We have met before when you were just born. Our space ship accidentally landed nearby the Hospital where you and some more kids were born. The changes in the electromagnetic Field made you guys special in every sense but for the world nothing happened. It was just a simple lightening just like now for others expect the kids who were born at our previous arrival. We are trying to make contact with others too. Since you are at a very close distance from us you can utilize those powers” says the first shadow.

We need to you to make a decision. A really tough one? Before that you have to trust us that we aren’t wrong? Says the other one.

“Your Brain is fully activated now. We need you to know the actual past. And the thinking of the powerful people who shaped the future in every universe. Once we know that we will be able to re -write the History again with authentic and real details. Because you will be there to see and observe each minute details in a short span of time. Were the Heroes people who consider really did those heroic things or its just a narrative of the greedy politics to glorify them. ” Says the first Shadow .

“It’s your final call ‘Miri’. Either you have choose the present to leave the past or the past to correctly reshape our future. And we will always be with you every time you gather information so that your Brain works effectively” one of the Shadow tells her.

“I will go with you to rewrite and reverify our History” says Miri.

The plane then converts into a “Space ship” and goes for multiple time travels.

Waiting for you…..

I will wait then come for you being a Cyclone…..

Because I know that someday you have to come to me…..

I will shake the Crust below you being an Earthquake….

Because I know that someday you have to come to me…..

I will drown you underwaters so you can’t breathe bring a Tsunami……

Because I know that someday you have to come to me……

I will burn you like a Forest fire πŸ”₯….

Because I know someday you have to come to me……

I will come for you in form of a gaseous poison from an Industrial area……

Because I know someday you have to come to me……

I will come to you in form of a minute molecule……

Because I know someday you have to come to me….

You will try to avoid me……

You will try to distance me……

You will try to make me go away……

I will still wait for you silently……

I will come to you when you will least expect me to…….

Because I am the God of Death…..

Or maybe a Goddess…..

Raktabeej(Blood seed) -What tactics I would have applied if I were him??

Disclaimer*: This blog is just trying to interpret the thinking of Raktabeej in some portions of the article. It doesn’t glorify him. In this article he is just trying to play innocent hiding the truth by telling half of the story on his behalf which goes on his side but not other side of the coin where he was wrong to justify himself. Just like a real criminal who tries to justify himself by telling half truth.

Rakta- Blood, Beej- seed

I saw you killing my Son “Mahishasur” in past life, just for his love proposal towards you and Killing some irrelevant Humans for food. Killing the son of Rambhasur is the biggest mistake of your life.

Why Parvati??

Just because he was a demon, so he was unworthy for your love. But an entity having his neck surrounded by Snakes and body covered with Ashes was ‘OK’ for you ‘Parvati’. I would have loved to see someone as powerful as you as my ‘Daughter in Law’. Since females are low lifes but not you.

I saw what tricks you all played to kill him. But don’t worry dear next time it will be your turn “Parvati”.

Durga/Parvati killing Mahishasur

I will be reborn and rebuilt again for the revenge for my Son.”– says Rambhasur

After a long time of wait Rambhasur was born again as Raktabeej.

Rakta meaning Blood and Beej meaning Seed.

After lot of hardships he got the boon from Lord Bhramha which made him almost invinsible.

“Raktabeej” joins Shumbha and Nishumbha other two demon brothers to fight against the Goddess. Goddess Ambika also a form of Parvati along with other eight Matrikas who were Goddesses of War were on the front line.

The Goddesses slayed the demon army easily with their weapons.

Shumbh and Nishumbha were easily defeated but when the Goddesses went for Raktabeej it confused them. While the Goddesses tried to slay the demon. The blood of Raktabeej would fall into the ground creating more clones of the demon. As she slayed the others more duplicates were formed from his blood that fell on ground. More stronger the army of the Demons grew.

It made Raktabeej more confident and his laughter towards the goddess echoed everywhere.

Then there arrived Parvati in the form of Goddesses Kali. Long hair, beautiful dark skin, ferocious eyes and with Skull garlands. The other Goddesses and Kali slayed their army and Kali drank their blood so that no more demon clones would be born from his blood.

After a while with so much of killings and drinking Blood. Kali become uncontrollable and started to destroy everything good and bad that came in front of her.

The other Gods went to Lord Shiva for help. And finally he stopped his wife by laying down on her path.

This story depicts the victory of good upon bad. And also that if a good person gets involved in a bad habit it is very difficult to stop them.

But the main question is what tactics I would have applied to defeat the Gods if I were him??

Well with such power of multiple cloning himself with a single drop of blood he could have dropped his blood every where and already created a very much enormous army that could have covered the entire planet and others too.

He was pretty dumb actually!!

He could have easily sent his army to fight the Gods in Heaven long back before the war started and could have overpowered easily. Shumbh and Nishumbh would have fought with the male God’s.As they were not defeatable by any men or demon and not coming in front of Goddess Parvati would have easily saved their lives which they also tried to do by hiding in one of the stories.

But no matter how they would have made their tactics, only the time frame would have increased for them and eventually death was only their destiny for their deeds.

Parasitic Migration- Red Alert for Farmers

Desert Locusts have moved from the “Horn of Africa” after destroying the crops of Poor countries like Somalia they reached to the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia,Yemen. Then moved to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.Finally they have moved to India in Rajasthan via Pakistan.

United Nations- Food and Agriculture Organisation department (FAO) warns India and Pakistan for Twin Invasion of Desert Locusts.

Desert Locusts have the following traits:

1. They can fly also 150 km per day. 2. They almost eat food equal to their own weight. 3. Change behaviour easily (greagarize). 4.Single swam almost consists of 250 billion locusts. 5. Life Span- 10 weeks approx. 6. Higher rate of Reproduction. 7. Very difficult to kill

How can the Desert Locusts be stopped to cause Agricultural damages?

According to the Agricultural ministries under Government of India , they can be stopped by spraying chemicals like Organophosphates by using Drones, Sprinkler etc while they halt at their journey for reproduction.

**Countries dependent on Agriculture will be impacted a lot. As the Desert Locusts eat the crops which could feed thousands of people in a single day. And that could lead to severe Food Shortage at the area attacked.

The main reason for the sudden rise in population of the Locust swarm is said to be the climate change. As the gulf regions and the Horn of Africa which is somewhat a desert area are experiencing cyclones which leads to humidity. Which supports the high increase in population of Locusts compared to the previous years.