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A worthy opponent

A short clip from Kerala…..

Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood

Just after finishing Naruto and Bleach, during the lockdown season of 2020, I was wondering what to binge watch next. So, I was just browsing through Netflix one day and analysing the recommendations and thinking which anime shall I watch next.

Seeing “One punch man” on my recommendation was a great relief. And I started the first episode…..and happily I went to the language section to select the language as English and there wasn’t any. I was so much disappointed with that. I instantly closed the series.

Ok!! I know I know there is a sub vs dub war always going between anime fans…..and to be precise I am not gifted with ‘sharingan’.

The fact is I skipped ‘one punch man’ despite knowing it’s an awesome series because I wanted to watch the series in a language without using much energy.

Then, I stumbled upon ‘Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood’. I kinda liked the name actually to be true and it was also dubbed in English. So, without checking any reviews or ratings online I watched the first episode.

And the first thing on my mind which came while watching the first episode was :

“The opening and closing theme song was awesome and so much catchy with spectacular and sweet animation with the main characters”

This fantastic fantasy story revolves around two brothers name Edward and Alphonse who were Alchemist by profession and committed a taboo in the story arc which led to one of them losing the entire body and the elder brother losing an arm and a leg.

And the second episode made me realise that ” It was darker than DC”. Sorry NO offense 😂.

The story is set in early 1900’s and the setup lookeed like that. The story is really dark and gruesome and not at all for kids. But for relief you can listen to Alphonse’s sweet voice.

Armoured Alphonse

Although it gets a little slow in between but that works as the storyline is great.

Depicting the misery of wars and losing everything in life…..the saga will give you a rollercoaster ride of magic, darkness and pain. It has everything.

Characters like Greed, wrath,lust etc which everyone of us is made of is displayed very precisely in their homonculous form.

And the best part is that it is just a 63 episode anime. So, it can be finished without taking much time.

And last but not the least the ratings are above 9 out of 10. So, no doubt it is well loved by people as well.

Have a great watch ahead…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I don’t know what to say…..

Just because someone is non vegetarian and condemning the act of Elephant brutality which happened few days back does not mean the non vegetarian people are hypocrites and showing off.Many people are posting these things that non vegetarian people should not speak about animal brutality. Why??? I am a non vegetarian but I have never harmed animals other than my food. And to be specific only mosquitoes and cockroaches died because of me coz they are a threat. Eating non vegetarian is an ethical issue and would require discussions on how the animals are treated before it gets killed and how much pain it feels. I know I am wrong while eating non vegetarian food because many of our homes we are practiced to it from thousands of years. You just can’t quit in a single day. And eating non vegetarian food does not mean you can’t have empathy for an elephant,tiger,lion etc who are killed because of their tusks, nails etc. Eating non veg is not a crime. If government passes an order for banning non veg food I would have no issue. But some of the lovely vegetarians who are demeaning non vegetarians for eating non veg and blaming us for having selective outrage or saying that we are hypocrites.

I do have some questions which are as follows: (1) If vegetarians are so pure and pious why do pest control at your houses, if the condition is all lives matter? (2) While growing agriculture such large acres of lands are cut down which were also the habitat of wild animals. (3) Don’t even eat vegetables which were sprayed with pesticides.As many of the insects were killed. (4) And most importantly don’t even have milk coz it contains Red Blood Cells of the cow…. because the calf is separated soon after the birth from the mother. Not in village areas but industrial areas. And most of the cows live in horrible conditions just because we want milk from them. (5) And the 2-3 Bhk homes where most of us live was once a forest area. So, no animals were harmed then.

Uber Story

It was a crowded day in Pune and the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was about to get started in few days. But the party fever was going on and was great.

Me and my parents decided to go for shopping that day in a commercial area named Tulsibagh which is the hub of Indian ethnic wear shopping.

The area gave beautiful and antique vibes as it was one of the oldest part of the City constructed years ago with monuments like Shaniwarwada etc.

In short the place is good for shopping and roaming around. So we booked a cab and went there it almost took about more than an hour to reach there. My mom bought many sarees and she also bought a parrot coloured saree for her youngest sister who stayed in another town.

At the end of the day we finished shopping and booked a cab. And went outside the shop to see ‘dahi handi pyramids’ which was fun to experience for the first time.

The cabbie called us and said that it would take some time as most of the areas were blocked. There was too much music and dance which we didn’t expected to see. But it was fun until you want to connect someone in phone.

The booking was cancelled by the driver after few moments. Then we booked another cab, he received the call and said the road is blocked and we have to come at some other point which might take 5-10 min walking. I was walking little faster than my parents so that I could catch the cab. In a hurry I walked a little faster and found the cab but then I realized that I lost my parents as they were walking a bit slow.

I tried calling them but they did not receive may be because of the loud music. I told the Cab driver to wait a little more ,he waited. I tried calling them again but they were not picking.

Then the cab driver and I went to search them for about one hour. It was loud music and my parents called. I was not able to hear them because of the loud music that made me more frustrated and I was about to cry out of anger. That I lost my parents that too while shopping and was not able find them. After some time I got call from my parents again , this time I received then we searched them and found them after half an hour.

The driver uncle helped a lot to find them. I do not remember his name but I do remember his face and how he helped me despite being a complete stranger. That they I learnt an important thing i.e, God is inside those who help us in dire needs. As it was a Saturday and in Hinduism it is said that it is the day of Lord Shani(Saturn), the God of Justice. It is said that he is tall and has dark complexion. Just like the cabbie who helped me that day.

That day I saw God in a person. I would always remember him.

Crossing walls- Sci fi

Few days back I saw a series named ‘Fringe’ in which there was a scene where the criminals who were basically into robbery crossed a wall via manipulating the atoms of the wall.

Apparently they installed a machine which changed the frequency of oscillation of the atoms of the wall and made the robbers pass as the structure of the wall changed to semi solid and after sometime it was back to normal.

We know the concept of sublimation, where a substance transform directly to the gaseous state from solid and missing the liquid part. But is it possible to make the object have its status back to normal?

Our mind is a connection of neurons with infinite possibilities!! I am sure there might be some crazy scientist who would be doing such experiments.

Is it possible for humans to get so much advanced that we could have the ability to transform any material to any state and pass through??

Can this be used as spying technology in future years after 500-600years??

This will be a great things to save time as we will not require to open refrigerator door which might save 2-4 seconds of our life.

Is there a possibility that this type of technology has already been developed and used by the intilligence agencies?

Will James Bond will be able to cross through opaque solid objects at one go??? Is it possible that the things we call ghosts are the people passing from one dimension to another??

Will it be possible to change our DNA so that instead of changing the molecular structure of the object we could have so much power to do it ourselves??

Superpowers-Reading Minds

We have all watched super hero movies and all of us wanted to have some power at some point of time.

One of the super power which most of us wanted was to read minds of people. So what would a person gain if he/she is able to read others. Is it worth knowing what others are thinking. What are the pros and what are the cons?? Is it really possible to know what others are thinking?

Science has advanced so much that there are things like lie detector test which are mostly used on criminals so they can spell out the truth.

But what would happen if we come to know each and every person we meet what they are thinking?? Seems like a great deal. It is said that the monks who are meditating and reached a certain level of consciousness can read anyone’s mind and remain unaffected by what others think of them.

If we come to know that someone is having bad intent for us we could easily ignore that person and be friends with people who actually care for us.

But we are human beings right!! So each one of us will be having negative thoughts and secrets which we don’t want to share with anyone. Suppose a person gets a super power to read anybody’s mind without them knowing. Then that might end up being alone because no one in this world is perfect even the sweetest of sweetest people have some thoughts which are really ugly and disturbing. It would be very difficult to handle things if someone has a weak heart and mind.

What if someone is having some kind of fetish which is disturbing to the other person who can read minds. If a person who can read minds is in love with someone and wants to read the other person, and come to know all they have is bad feelings for you and things you never imagined and never wanted to be true.

What if a person who can read minds gets surrounded by multiple people?? Would he/she will be able to differentiate between own thoughts and the other thoughts which gets mingled with the mind

Reading minds of enemies are a better option that you would be able to plan and take proper action against your opponent as one would not expect much from them. But once you know what your loved ones think then either it would be a gain for a lifetime or pain for a lifetime.

Last but not the least: Mind reading is a bad super power unless used on an enemy nation or personal enemies.