Beyond our Reach….

Ever wondered why the Solar system and the structure of Atoms look so much similar. The electrons are like the planets of the solar system which are held to the centre of the system i.e nucleus with electrostatic forces of attraction and in case of solar system the Sun with the gravitational pull.

Why does our brain have electrical impulses for transferring information from one neuron dendrites to another and if there is a damage in any single of it the whole system fails? Isn’t it similar to a computer network that if one of the nodes fail the transfer of information gets stopped.

Despite so much chaos on Earth, if you try to look at the sky there is always clam. I mean that ‘not exactly’ as comets and meteors are all surrounding us. But rarely it happens that they might hit us. Its just us creating the chaos or the fear of something which is not even going to affect us. Just like a spider web, which is home for the spider but chaos for a fly.

Greatest part is be it the smallest particles or huge systems, all follow the same law with out breaking it. And we as human being could never perfect the architecture of nature.

Author: the unknown

Hi guys....I like to write short stories. I always thought of writing something and here I am today starting a new phase. To give words for the imagination of my mind

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