Raktabeej(Blood seed) -What tactics I would have applied if I were him??

Disclaimer*: This blog is just trying to interpret the thinking of Raktabeej in some portions of the article. It doesn’t glorify him. In this article he is just trying to play innocent hiding the truth by telling half of the story on his behalf which goes on his side but not other side of the coin where he was wrong to justify himself. Just like a real criminal who tries to justify himself by telling half truth.

Rakta- Blood, Beej- seed

I saw you killing my Son “Mahishasur” in past life, just for his love proposal towards you and Killing some irrelevant Humans for food. Killing the son of Rambhasur is the biggest mistake of your life.

Why Parvati??

Just because he was a demon, so he was unworthy for your love. But an entity having his neck surrounded by Snakes and body covered with Ashes was ‘OK’ for you ‘Parvati’. I would have loved to see someone as powerful as you as my ‘Daughter in Law’. Since females are low lifes but not you.

I saw what tricks you all played to kill him. But don’t worry dear next time it will be your turn “Parvati”.

Durga/Parvati killing Mahishasur

I will be reborn and rebuilt again for the revenge for my Son.”– says Rambhasur

After a long time of wait Rambhasur was born again as Raktabeej.

Rakta meaning Blood and Beej meaning Seed.

After lot of hardships he got the boon from Lord Bhramha which made him almost invinsible.

“Raktabeej” joins Shumbha and Nishumbha other two demon brothers to fight against the Goddess. Goddess Ambika also a form of Parvati along with other eight Matrikas who were Goddesses of War were on the front line.

The Goddesses slayed the demon army easily with their weapons.

Shumbh and Nishumbha were easily defeated but when the Goddesses went for Raktabeej it confused them. While the Goddesses tried to slay the demon. The blood of Raktabeej would fall into the ground creating more clones of the demon. As she slayed the others more duplicates were formed from his blood that fell on ground. More stronger the army of the Demons grew.

It made Raktabeej more confident and his laughter towards the goddess echoed everywhere.

Then there arrived Parvati in the form of Goddesses Kali. Long hair, beautiful dark skin, ferocious eyes and with Skull garlands. The other Goddesses and Kali slayed their army and Kali drank their blood so that no more demon clones would be born from his blood.

After a while with so much of killings and drinking Blood. Kali become uncontrollable and started to destroy everything good and bad that came in front of her.

The other Gods went to Lord Shiva for help. And finally he stopped his wife by laying down on her path.

This story depicts the victory of good upon bad. And also that if a good person gets involved in a bad habit it is very difficult to stop them.

But the main question is what tactics I would have applied to defeat the Gods if I were him??

Well with such power of multiple cloning himself with a single drop of blood he could have dropped his blood every where and already created a very much enormous army that could have covered the entire planet and others too.

He was pretty dumb actually!!

He could have easily sent his army to fight the Gods in Heaven long back before the war started and could have overpowered easily. Shumbh and Nishumbh would have fought with the male God’s.As they were not defeatable by any men or demon and not coming in front of Goddess Parvati would have easily saved their lives which they also tried to do by hiding in one of the stories.

But no matter how they would have made their tactics, only the time frame would have increased for them and eventually death was only their destiny for their deeds.

Author: the unknown

Hi guys....I like to write short stories. I always thought of writing something and here I am today starting a new phase. To give words for the imagination of my mind

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