Why “Black and white” era movies were more classier than 80’s ??

The good, golden era of Indian cinema was the “Black and white” times where movies were simple, had good stories, music and less over acting. There were legends like DeV Anand, Raj Kapoor, Manoj Kumar, Madhubala , Kishore Kumar, Waheeda Rehman and the list goes on. Most of the songs were soothing to ears with good lyrics although we cannot deny the fact that many of the song’s music were copied from other countries.


There were classic movies like Mother India(1957), Guide(1965), Awara(1951),CID(1956) and many more. But as passed by the movies got cheesier full of unwanted songs and eventually during the 80’s the Hindi movie industry became epitome of overacting.

Scenes like the actors trying to protect themselves behind cycle from the bullet fired by the villian, almost every time there is a rape attempt to the Hero’s sister , girlfriend and mother and the hero is in desperation for revenge as there is no justice from the court became very common and almost every movie had a predictable plot line .

As it was not enough, then came the B- Grade horror movie industry, although it was a good attempt at that times by the movie makers. But more than horror these movies turned out to be comedies worth watching to make fun of.

Heroines with conical blouses and heroes with full chest hair no body wanted to see but got.

Here are few old Bollywood movies one should give a try:. 1. Jewel Theif
2. CID 3. Mother India. 4. Sholay 5. Bawarchi

Author: the unknown

Hi guys....I like to write short stories. I always thought of writing something and here I am today starting a new phase. To give words for the imagination of my mind

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