Why does Bollywood not create contents from our Mythology/ History??

I always wondered why can’t Mahabharat be made in a grand scale like bahubali…… Mahabharat has everything a great storyline requires.

Each and every character has a unique story. Everyone has a grey shade. The negative also has some good qualities and the positive also has some bad qualities in Mahabharat.

As a Hindu, long back our family used to watch a serial named as “Om Namah Shivay” . One of the episode was about the demon “Raktabeej” meaning Blood seed. Goddess Kali slayed the demon which spilled his blood creating a clone of the demon. At last she had to drink his blood.

And there are thousands of folk lore in each and every part of India but since the Hindi movie industry only wants us to see same shitty romantic contents every single time there’s not much hope for that.

As an audience I do not aspire to watch love stories as there are loads of it already present….. although I loved a new series named as “Asur” and few more. Since it had an element of the mythology as the antagonist considered himself as an reincarnation of a demon which made the series super cool. I guess the Indian audience will be able to see some more good content like that.

Author: the unknown

Hi guys....I like to write short stories. I always thought of writing something and here I am today starting a new phase. To give words for the imagination of my mind

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