Uber Story

It was a crowded day in Pune and the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was about to get started in few days. But the party fever was going on and was great.

Me and my parents decided to go for shopping that day in a commercial area named Tulsibagh which is the hub of Indian ethnic wear shopping.

The area gave beautiful and antique vibes as it was one of the oldest part of the City constructed years ago with monuments like Shaniwarwada etc.

In short the place is good for shopping and roaming around. So we booked a cab and went there it almost took about more than an hour to reach there. My mom bought many sarees and she also bought a parrot coloured saree for her youngest sister who stayed in another town.

At the end of the day we finished shopping and booked a cab. And went outside the shop to see ‘dahi handi pyramids’ which was fun to experience for the first time.

The cabbie called us and said that it would take some time as most of the areas were blocked. There was too much music and dance which we didn’t expected to see. But it was fun until you want to connect someone in phone.

The booking was cancelled by the driver after few moments. Then we booked another cab, he received the call and said the road is blocked and we have to come at some other point which might take 5-10 min walking. I was walking little faster than my parents so that I could catch the cab. In a hurry I walked a little faster and found the cab but then I realized that I lost my parents as they were walking a bit slow.

I tried calling them but they did not receive may be because of the loud music. I told the Cab driver to wait a little more ,he waited. I tried calling them again but they were not picking.

Then the cab driver and I went to search them for about one hour. It was loud music and my parents called. I was not able to hear them because of the loud music that made me more frustrated and I was about to cry out of anger. That I lost my parents that too while shopping and was not able find them. After some time I got call from my parents again , this time I received then we searched them and found them after half an hour.

The driver uncle helped a lot to find them. I do not remember his name but I do remember his face and how he helped me despite being a complete stranger. That they I learnt an important thing i.e, God is inside those who help us in dire needs. As it was a Saturday and in Hinduism it is said that it is the day of Lord Shani(Saturn), the God of Justice. It is said that he is tall and has dark complexion. Just like the cabbie who helped me that day.

That day I saw God in a person. I would always remember him.

Crossing walls- Sci fi

Few days back I saw a series named ‘Fringe’ in which there was a scene where the criminals who were basically into robbery crossed a wall via manipulating the atoms of the wall.

Apparently they installed a machine which changed the frequency of oscillation of the atoms of the wall and made the robbers pass as the structure of the wall changed to semi solid and after sometime it was back to normal.

We know the concept of sublimation, where a substance transform directly to the gaseous state from solid and missing the liquid part. But is it possible to make the object have its status back to normal?

Our mind is a connection of neurons with infinite possibilities!! I am sure there might be some crazy scientist who would be doing such experiments.

Is it possible for humans to get so much advanced that we could have the ability to transform any material to any state and pass through??

Can this be used as spying technology in future years after 500-600years??

This will be a great things to save time as we will not require to open refrigerator door which might save 2-4 seconds of our life.

Is there a possibility that this type of technology has already been developed and used by the intilligence agencies?

Will James Bond will be able to cross through opaque solid objects at one go??? Is it possible that the things we call ghosts are the people passing from one dimension to another??

Will it be possible to change our DNA so that instead of changing the molecular structure of the object we could have so much power to do it ourselves??

Superpowers-Reading Minds

We have all watched super hero movies and all of us wanted to have some power at some point of time.

One of the super power which most of us wanted was to read minds of people. So what would a person gain if he/she is able to read others. Is it worth knowing what others are thinking. What are the pros and what are the cons?? Is it really possible to know what others are thinking?

Science has advanced so much that there are things like lie detector test which are mostly used on criminals so they can spell out the truth.

But what would happen if we come to know each and every person we meet what they are thinking?? Seems like a great deal. It is said that the monks who are meditating and reached a certain level of consciousness can read anyone’s mind and remain unaffected by what others think of them.

If we come to know that someone is having bad intent for us we could easily ignore that person and be friends with people who actually care for us.

But we are human beings right!! So each one of us will be having negative thoughts and secrets which we don’t want to share with anyone. Suppose a person gets a super power to read anybody’s mind without them knowing. Then that might end up being alone because no one in this world is perfect even the sweetest of sweetest people have some thoughts which are really ugly and disturbing. It would be very difficult to handle things if someone has a weak heart and mind.

What if someone is having some kind of fetish which is disturbing to the other person who can read minds. If a person who can read minds is in love with someone and wants to read the other person, and come to know all they have is bad feelings for you and things you never imagined and never wanted to be true.

What if a person who can read minds gets surrounded by multiple people?? Would he/she will be able to differentiate between own thoughts and the other thoughts which gets mingled with the mind

Reading minds of enemies are a better option that you would be able to plan and take proper action against your opponent as one would not expect much from them. But once you know what your loved ones think then either it would be a gain for a lifetime or pain for a lifetime.

Last but not the least: Mind reading is a bad super power unless used on an enemy nation or personal enemies.

Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fungi i.e, an eukaryotic organism. Some mushrooms like Oyester mushrooms and button mushrooms are edible and some are poisonous and toxic in nature like the death cap mushrooms. At our place we call it the ‘Frogs umbrella’.

Edible Mushrooms contains Vitamin B like riboflavin, thiamine,niacin etc along with proteins, fibres, antioxidants and various other compounds which can help our body to boost immunity.

Benefits of eating mushrooms:. 1) According to researchers mushrooms have anti cancer properties. 2) Mushrooms helps improve the cardiovascular health. 3)Blood pressure are in check for people who include mushrooms in their diet. 4) Mushrooms contains Vitamin C which improves the immunity and reduce signs of aging

Mushrooms are widely used in facial serums to boost youthful appearance.

Mushrooms contain Vitamin B-12 which is mostly found in animal products and generally the vegan and vegetarian people can adopt it to fight B-12 deficiency.

**Note: I do not take credibility of the above article. Please consult a doctor before adopting any changes in diet.

Be Prepared- Not a song but a Political ambition

The dark side depiction of not only Scar but humans too in the song Be prepared from the movie Lion King

I am sure most of us have watched Lion King movie and loved it. It was an awesome movie to watch and feel the emotions like you were Simba for real. It had great songs like the Circle of Life, Hakuna-Matata and Be Prepared.

The song “Be Prepared” was one of the great villainous song. It described each and every evil motives of not only Scar and Hyenas in the movie but also the motives humans have when they are jealous, arrogant and want to harm someone. Hyenas being the group of population cleverly manipulated by their masters for political benefits. This song from the lion king movie depicts most of the political scenarios around the world. Especially during the medivial times and the date range prior to that.Few of the lines are as follows which the Lion Scar and the other hyenas sang:

Be prepared for the murkiest scam
Meticulous planning
Tenacity spanning
Decades of denial
Is simply why I’ll
Be king undisputed
Respected, saluted
And seen for the wonder I am
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!
Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

When I was a kid the first time I saw lion king was Hindi dubbed. And the only song catchy to me was Hakuna- Matata. But Lion King is such an epic movie that you afford to see everytime it is being telecasted. The animated version had a song named “Be prepared”. It was catchy to me. And after that I realized that the song was not for children, it was for the grown ups. As the villian fully depicts a political rivalry for his own brother. Where he wants to kill his own brother and nephew for control over the jungle.

That sounds similar to many of the political scenarios we have had around the world.

It is being said that Kim Jong Un , the North Korean dictator killed his own uncle and step brother. According to historians Ashoka and Khilji eliminated every one from their blood line who could be a threat to their Kingship. European history was the same too. Almost every dynasty politics had a dark side. The Kauravas wanted to kill their cousins for throne in Mahabharata.

Let’s go to a lower hierarchy of society standards. I mean the higher middle class, middle class and the lower middle class. I am sure all of us have heard multiple news about brother killing brother over a property dispute. Son killing father for some money or property.

Attempts to eliminate a deserving was always there in the past due to greed and jealousy.

“A song of greed, jealousy and the lust for power”


‘SHE’ woke up early in the morning and went to the balcony to get some fresh air. Opened the door and stepped out to see her neighbour being eaten by an ant army of each ant of the size of a car. They were Red ants. More ferocious and mighty.

The scenario freaked ‘SHE’ out. She ran inside her house but there were already more armies which were constructing the ant hill. ‘SHE’ tried to escape again using the window but the army Major tells the soldiers to catch her and throw her inside the ant hill being constructed. This would be the first sacrifice for the colony inside the house.

Every ant hill requires a sacrifice. Larger the sacrifice i.e, more intelligent the species being sacrificed more durable and stronger the hill will become and the next generation of ants will become more smarter. One soldiers pick her up a throws ‘SHE’ inside the ant hill.

‘Nooooooooo……’SHE’ shouts please don’t’ when she was thrown inside the ant hill. But instead of falling down she felt that she was going up in a very high speed. And she stops.

She realises that it wasn’t the interior of the Ant hill but a Spider web in a jungle like area surrounded with trees. And the army of huge Red ants were approaching towards her. And then a group of Tarantulas appears same size as of the ants. Large and scary. The fight begins for the sacrifice of ‘ SHE’.

The web was destroyed by the ants and the fight continued. ‘SHE’ falls on a fluffy cute greenish yellow caterpillar named ‘HOPE’ who promises to take her to the safe zone. She holds ‘HOPE’ tightly and he tells ‘SHE’ don’t worry I will save you.

After few moments the Tarantulas after defeating the Red ants realized that ‘SHE’ was gone. And they spread at all the directions to find her.

‘SHE’ and ‘HOPE’ realized that the Spiders were closer. ‘HOPE’ told ‘SHE’ to hold on and eventually he changed into a beautiful giant butterfly. See I told you to Hold on and you will be safe.

‘HOPE’ flew with his mighty strong wings and took ‘SHE’ to a safer place. And told “I will be always there for you whenever there is a difficulty”

‘SHE’ wakes up again in reality and goes to the balcony and sees a butterfly just like ‘HOPE’.